Thursday, 9 October 2008

Green Circle Organic Farm

Venue: Green Circle Organic Farm
Date: 11th October 2008 (Sat)
Meeting Place: NTU Chinese Heritage Centre
Time to meet: 8am

Cost of Farm Trip:
$3 (members)
$5 (non-members)

Description of Conducted Farm Tour Programme:
Introduction Talk (10 – 30minute)
Different farming methods
- Traditional
- Conventional
- Hydroponics
- Aeroponics
- Organic
- Natural
Organic Framing Methods
Why do we eat organic food.
Organic farming and the environment.

Walk around the Farm
(30 min-2hr)

Participants will be led around the farm to see how compost is made, how and why different vegetables are grown in different ways. Identify the rich variety of vegetables, herbs and fruit trees grown in the farm..

Refreshments: Herbal drink is provided.

Shopping for vegetables
We specialize in home deliveries and only excess will be sold to visitors or we can reserve but you must pre-order a week ahead.
The duration of the whole program depends on the participants’ interest. It normally last between 1 to 2 hrs, including questions, shopping and time to relax.

MAX No. of Participants: 40

If any queries, feel free to contact me.

Candice Tan
HP: 94379003