Friday, 5 September 2008

Earthlink 1st gathering - Water, tips and games!


Does water pollution exists in Singapore? Want to know more about what you can do for the environment? Or just want to join in the fun with a bunch of environmental enthusiastics? Come and join us for our first gathering of the academic year!

Date: 11 Sept 2008, Thursday
Venue: Executive Seminar Room-3South Spine, S3.1
Time: 7pm - 9pm

1900 – 1910 Easy Green Tips
1910 – 1925 Updates on Earthlink’s upcoming events
1925 – 2025 Waterways Watch Society Talk
2025 – 2055 Games
2055 _______Refreshments*
____________(End of gathering)
*Refreshments provided! We encourage you to bring along your own utensils for the gathering to reduce the use of disposables. Lets do our part for the environment! Thanks! :)

Highlights of Gathering

“Easy Green Tips” Presentation & Earthlink upcoming Events!
A presentation to bring out some simple and easy tips for people to know what they can do for the environment.

Talk by Waterways Watch Society
The Waterways Watch Society (WWS) is a Non-Governmental Organization tasked to bring people together to monitor, restore and protect the aesthetics of our waterways around the Marina Reservoir. It is an independent group of volunteers working towards the same objective as other green groups however concentrating more on our waterways with an identity of its own.

Get to have fun and interact with our fellow Earthlinkers and make more friends!

Interested to join us for Earthlink 1st members gathering?
RSVP with your name, contact number and membership number to by Tuesday, 9/09/08, 2359hr.

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